Quality management

Quality management at Nutrimin is certified according to the standards GMP+B1 and VLOG. It ensures high quality products that are documented throughout the production process.

Requirements are set for documentation of the quality of the raw materials used and the suppliers’ production processes. The raw materials are marked with barcodes at reception. This ensures a distinct identification of the raw materials from stock to the finished mixture for the customer. Our modern production plant ensures extremely high mixing accuracy.

All steps in the production of our products are performed with a high level of quality control, which is carefully documented. This gives the customer peace of mind and reaffirms the quality of the product.

HACCP – Self-Inspection

The EU has set out rules to ensure that feed and food production are at an extremely high level for the protection of human and animal health. In addition to the requirements for quality management in the production, a continuous risk analysis of the individual process phases has been adopted.

HACCP – Risk analysis

Risk analysis of all process phases takes place according to the HACCP method. HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, which in Danish corresponds to “‘risk analysis of critical control points”. HACCP gives a good overview of the risks and errors that can typically occur in production, and a continuous assessment provides a greater guarantee of avoiding errors due to timely detection.

HACCP therefore increases the level of protection of human and animal health. It is mandatory for all food manufacturing companies to have a self-inspection program.